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A very favourable climate helps the tillage of the soil: here the countryside is teeming with citrus orchards, of olive groves and beautiful almond trees. But pride of Bari Sardo is its shore: a sequence of white beaches and an almost unexplored sea whose colour varies from turquoise to emerald. The beach of Cea, a cove marked by two stacks of red porphyd, starts 9 km of a varied sandy shore: promontories of basaltic rocks (Punta Niedda) alternate with spots of pines, a thick Mediterranean scrub crosses paths of eucalyptus, while the humid areas of 'Bau Eni' and 'Tramalitzia' are an explosion of flora and fauna.

There are fourteen nuraghs in this area. The most well-preserved are: 'Iba Manna', 'Niedda Puliga' and 'Moru' on the Teccu plateau; 'Mindeddu' next to the Tower of Barì. Very charming and full of history are the tombs of giants (tombe dei giganti) of  'Canali', 'Ulì' e 'Pitzu'. In Giara di Teccu you can also visit Menhirs that date back to a pre-nuraghic period.
Local traditions are kept alive by handicraft, like the working of jewels filigree or the working of linen with the 'grain' tecnique.

Tourist Information: 0782 614037
Pharmacy: 0782 28274
Traffic Police: 0782 29593
Police Station: 0782 29533
Pro Loco: 0782 28222

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