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Its presence in this area is documented by the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the ancient Greeks and by the Romans, who all increased its importance during the centuries so that it became a compulsory port of call of the Mediterranean Sea. Nowadays, after a period of decline, the village has recovered, starting new business strictly linked to tourism; moreover, this remarkable economic development is also proved by a recent rise in births that almost doubled the local population.

From a geographic point of view, Girasole stands in the middle of a green, very luxuriant plain which favours the cultivation of citrus trees, of cereals and legumes. To the west, the land shows high grounds of granitic origin, while, before flowing into the pond of Tortolì (stagno di Tortolì), Rio Girasole forms a humid area, teemimg with local flora and fauna.

The village has a very long shore, as it goes from the village of Arbatax to Lotzorai. It is wide and sandy and cool as wild pinewoods grow at its borders. Girasole represents a very quiet and relaxing seaside for the tourists that run away from fashionable and crowded beaches. This is the reason is why it is well equipped with restaurants, hotels and camping sites within everyone’s reach.  

Tourist information: 0782 614037
Traffic police: 0782 623143
Pharmacy: 0782 622965

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