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The historic centre is one of the most typical in Ogliastra: from the old square called Funtana de Idda, a net of small streets branches off, some of them very narrow, some wider to let in the old times the farm carts pass. Tiny houses, with windows without panes, iron wrought balconies, wooden main doors, open into these. In fact, the people of Ilbono are very skilful in local handicrafts; you can even find here fine pottery and beautiful pieces of embroidery, made with an acient local tool, 'su vrevolitè'.      

If you are fond of archeology, Ilbono has plenty of archeological sites. Recent historic studies have allowed to reconstruct five ancient complexes, including: ten domus de janas ('houses of the fairies'), four menhirs, four tombs of giants, six 'simple tholos' nuraghs, five 'complex tholos' nuraghs. Then, it is really worth visiting the area of Scerì, consisting of many circular huts and of an amazing nuragh, rising on the top of a granitic tower, around which other structures (XVth-XIIth b.C.) expand. In the same place, there are two tombs called domus de janas, which were hollowed out inside huge granit rocks and consisting of one incredibly high room.   

Easily reachable by driving along a new road with very panomiramic views, Mount Tarè is regarded as a rarity because of its red colour resulting from its constituent matter, the porphyr.

Tourist information: 0782 614037
Traffic police: 0782 733016
Police station: 0782 33421
Pharmacy: 0782 33090

Meteo live
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West Wind
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Thursday 30
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Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra