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Unfortunately, it shared Gairo’s tragic lot: in 1951, a flood destroyed Osini, which transformed it into a ghost village, frequently visited by tourists. As a consequence, the inhabitants had to move 2 km northwards, where they founded a new village called Osini Nuova.

Visiting the scala of San Giorgio ('scala' means to local people a steep pass in the rocks) is like crossing a gran canyon: it is a very narrow and long gorge, consisting of a series of walls that mark the boundary of the calcareous plateau called 'Taccu di Osini'. A narrow asphalt road allows the visitors to penetrate this pass, characterized by many fractures; one of these, 'Sa Brecca e Usala' subsides for more than 100 metres. Once you have crossed the plateau, you will find two nuraghs, Orruttu and Sanu; but 'Serbissi' is more well-preserved than the others. Next to this, there is a tomb of giant called 'de s’Orku'; according to a folk tale, it was a graveyard for huge and imaginary beings.

Beyond meat dishes, local gastronomy is well-known for cakes, among which the 'torrone' stands out.

Tourist information: 0782 614037
Ambulances: 0782 79767
Traffic police: 0782 79308
Police station: 0782 79033
Pharmacy: 0782 79401

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