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As it is full of very green woods, this land is suitable for people fond of going on mountain hikes: Gudunu, Padente Mannu, Margine and Ovelio are teeming with oaks, cork-oars, hollies, alders and holm-oaks, while in spring the land is covered with yellow flowers as it is the season of the broom.

The economy of Talana depends mainly on sheep-breeding. At present in summer the flocks are led upwards, from the plain to the mountains: it is called the transhumance ('la transumanza'). This is the reason why you will easily see in the country roads cows, goats and pigs peacefully sleeping in the carriageway. Living in a natural state gives to the meat a full and intense taste: in fact, this land is very well-known not only for its roasted meat but also for its hams.

Local handicraft is very lively: the girls of Talana always put in their trousseau 'sa frassada', a colourful blanket or a carpet made with 'su telingiu strantargiu', a vertical loom. Other handicraft products are the 'bertule', knapsacks of goatskin and the 'unundentes', a very long length of linen used to wrap bread.

Municipality: 0782 646603
Pharmacy: 0782 646703
Tourist information: 0782 646954

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Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra
Sapori d'Ogliastra